Good Question: Vegetarian Recipes for the Dutch Oven?

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Here’s a great question from Sofia. This question is actually one we’ve received from several people lately. Can anyone give some good vegetarian (and vegan) recommendations?

I’m thinking about getting a Dutch oven, especially so I can give the no-knead bread recipe a try. But as a vegetarian, I have no idea what kinds of dishes you can make with one and whether the sizable investment for a quality Dutch oven will be worthwhile. What veggie dishes can you make with a Dutch oven?

Sofia, there are a ton of good ways to use a Dutch oven; I use mine nearly every day, and that’s not even for meat. I use it a lot for braised vegetables, actually. See this link for some good recipe ideas, including a recipe for braised cabbage:

I also use mine a lot for cooking rice, couscous, barley, and other grains. The heavy weight and lid of a Dutch oven is really good for steaming and frying tender grains. And of course bread and even biscuits can be cooked in a Dutch oven. Also, cobblers, crisps, buckles, and other desserts, plus any kind of baked gratin and casserole… the list goes on and on! The Dutch oven is probably the most useful, most-used pot in my kitchen.

And finally, you don’t need to spend a lot. I have a large Dutch oven that I bought for less than $40 at Target and it’s a peach. Yes, some of the more expensive ones are very pretty, but I have name-brand ones now too and don’t notice much difference at all. Here’s a similar one:

OK, readers – take it away. What are your favorite vegetarian recipes (especially good ones for summer) that involve a Dutch oven?

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