Good Question: Thawing Berry Emergency!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear The Kitchen,

Please help! My sister in law delivered to me this morning a 5 lb. bag of completely thawed raspberries and a 5 lb. bag of thawed blueberries (&, btw, a thawed 2 lb. bag of peas). Her freezer is not working & she knows I (usually) have a good imagination & do cook/bake. What can I make? Something that can be stored/frozen-well, actually, anything! Will appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

– Leeds

Dear Leeds,

I would probably work with just one of the three bags, which ever you like best. I might put the peas and the blueberries in your own freezer for a later use – although re-frozen, the berries will be fine for smoothies or pancakes, and the peas could be whipped into a soup without too much harm done.

Phew! Now that you only have one 5lb-bag to contend with, why not make a raspberry sauce by cooking them down with a little sugar? The sauce can be used over ice cream, pound cake, or just about any other dessert. You could also make a raspberry sorbet or ice cream – that of course can be easily re-frozen. You could also make some jam if you’re feeling really industrious.

Good Luck!