Good Question: Not Too-Traditional Passover

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Dear The Kitchen,

Passover is coming! My mom and I want to get away from the traditional Eastern-European seder staples (brisket and tzimmes) and do something more adventurous, like osso buco.

We’re hosting a couple of families more observant than us, and we’re trying to find out what is kosher for Passover and what isn’t. Traditionally, it’s just been leavened food, but over the years it seems like it’s evolved into an abhorrence of all things carbohydrate, including rice, corn, corn syrup, oats…

So it’s a two parter: 1) does anyone have the lowdown on what’s kosher and what’s not for Passover? And 2) anyone have recipes?

Thank you!

Dear Liz,

A quick google search turned up which naturally seems like a good place to start. I’m sure some of our readers can give some good tips as well in terms of untraditional recipes.

Let us know how it goes – take photos and notes!