Good Question: Local New York Honey Producers?

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Honey is in the air! On the heels of this post about hard 100% honey drops from Honibe, here’s a local New York honey question from Cindy. Jump in if you have another answer. Do you buy local honey where you’re at, and where do you find it?

I am getting married in August and want to give my guests some fresh honey. How can I locate local (NY) bee farms to make my purchase as ecofriendly as possible?

Cindy, congratulations! Local honey sounds like a wonderful wedding favor and treat. Here are a couple suggestions from us.

• First, go to the Greenmarket and check out producers. You should meet several honey producers there; talk to them individually and see if they can help you with what you want.

• A specific suggestion: try The Hamptons Honey Company. They’re located in Southampton and it looks like they have an excellent sense of style and packaging. It also looks like they package their honey in small, individual containers at times – check with them! They may be a good option.

• Also, check out the Local Fork’s NYC honey guide

Other ideas for Cindy? Local honey?

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(Image: The Hamptons Honey Company)