Good Question: June Cleaver Party Foods From the 1950s?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s a fun question from Kristin. She writes:

I’m hosting a book club meeting for 10 at my teeny-tiny apartment and since we’re reading a novel that takes place in 1955, I thought I’d whip up a bunch of 50’s-era dishes. However, I must overcome a few hurdles:

1. I don’t know any 50’s-era recipes.
2. My apartment can seat 3 comfortably and therefore has no room whatsoever for large plates, steak knives, etc., so I’ll probably have to stick to appetizers and finger foods only.

Does anyone have any ideas for a few quick, simple, June Cleaveresque recipes?

Kristin we’ll give you one tip and then we’ll turn it over to the readers: Try some of the great ideas at The Food Timeline’s 1950s section.

Readers, what would you serve for a retro ’50s cocktail party?

(Image: Uploaded by Flickr member Miss Retro Modern)