Good Question: How To Top Milk Bottles?

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Here’s an interesting question from reader Julia! She has a collection of milk bottles and wants to put them to good use. She says:

How do you top a milk bottle?

I want to use milk bottles to store beverages in the fridge. They’re glass, the opening is large enough for reasonably easy washing, and they don’t take up too much space. The bottles are also easy to obtain; this one is from a local dairy whose products are stocked at many grocery stores here, and the bottle deposit is a mere dollar.

I’m only lacking a re-usable lid. I’m looking into silicone or rubber corks, but thus far have only found them available with a large minimum order.

Does anyone else know of a solution, and a source?


Julia, what a cool idea! We love the idea of repurposing glass bottles in the fridge. But we really have no idea on how to close them!

Well, one idea. We have some vintage milk bottles that we use purely for decoration, and some of these came with cardboard circles that close off the top. You could do something like this – find waxed or sealed cardboard and cut circles to fit the tops. This won’t seal the bottles against spillage, of course, but it would make them less permeable to fridge odors and the air.

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