Good Question: How Should I Reheat Chicken Wraps?

published Mar 23, 2009
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Here’s an interesting question from Bethany, who has also given us a very good idea for a chicken lunch dish! She asks:

Yesterday for lunch I made some great chicken wraps with melted cheese and tortillas. The tortillas were super crunchy, which is how I like them. I made several extra to eat as leftovers. Last night when I went to eat one for dinner, it was completely soft. It didn’t have the same wow! factor as the first ones I’d made.

How can I keep them crunchy for leftovers, or is it entirely impossible?

Bethany, depending on how you make these wraps, I think that there’s no way around a soft tortilla; if you put the leftover wraps in the fridge with the cheese and chicken, the moisture is going to cause the tortilla to soften. I would recommend making them as you want them, or else toasting the leftovers under the broiler or in the toaster oven.

You could also separate the ingredients into separate containers and keep them on hand for fast assembly of crispy-tortilla and chicken wraps.

Any other ideas for Bethany? Also, the recipe gorgeous chicken wraps pictured above can be found here, at the British Sandwich Week’s website: