Good Question: How Long Is it Safe to Keep Condiments?

A condiment question! This is from Amanda, who asks:

How long do condiments keep in the fridge? I don’t often use things like ketchup, mustard, Worcesteshire sauce, etc. but I still have them around. I think some have been in my fridge for two years or more – is that way beyond their shelf life?

Well, the easiest answer is pretty brief: Check the expiration date on your condiments. If that tiny date stamped somewhere on the bottom or side of the bottle tells you it expired in September… of 2006… pitch it! (We find great pleasure in pitching expired condiments. It’s satisfying on a level we can’t explain.)

Another helpful tool is this Table of Condiments that Periodically Go Bad:

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Other thoughts for Amanda and her condiments?

(Photo: Ad for Heinz, designed by McCann Erickson, London, via Frederik Samuel)