Good Question: How Do We Solve This Apartment Kitchen?

2008_06_25-Kitchen.jpgHere is a good question from reader Bre. Click through for a larger version of her floorplan.

We’re in the process of purchasing a one bedroom apartment in New York which has an odd layout. There are things we’re having trouble with. Withthe kitchen, it feels like it’s part of a hallway to the bedroom rather than being its own unit. Is there a better way to solve the kitchen? We’d love for it to somehow blend into the living space but wonder if that’s awkward to be at the entryway (unless we made the entry
way open up another way).


2008_06_25-Kitchen2.jpgWe’re opening this question up to those of you who have renovated your kitchens. We haven’t, so we don’t have much input. But do take a look at this kitchen, in Max and Sara Kate’s old apartment. The kitchen literally is their entryway, and yet it works.

Kitchen renovators, take it away! What kind of advice do you have for Bre and her new apartment kitchen?