Good Question: How Do I Clean My Cast Iron Grill Pan?

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In the latest email about barbecuing, you mention the Lodge grill pan. i was so thrilled when i bought one about 2 years ago. The first few times i used were pretty fabulous. Unfortunately, i live in a tiny apartment and had no place to store it except jammed between my stove and small prep table. The pan developed this unbearably sticky, crusty, dusty film on it that i just couldn’t get off.

I cook in a lot of cast iron and have always been told that it’s wrong to use soap on it, so i tried to stick to cleaning the grill pan with my hard plastic scraper/spatula. That has failed miserably. the greasy build-up quickly made the pan impossible to use, not to mention undesireable, but something in me has been unable to get rid of it. I was wondering if you have any good tips on how to care for this particularly large, hard to clean pan?

S.O.P. (save our pan!)

Kat, absolutely! A cast iron pan can almost always be cleaned and reseasoned. If it’s really bad, just strip it back down with steel wool, then reseason.

Here are step-by-step directions with photos on how to reseason a cast iron pan:
Technique: Seasoning Cast Iron

Also, in the future, don’t be afraid to use a little gentle soap on your cast iron pan. Just a little and a light swipe won’t hurt a well-baked seasoning. And if a little gets rubbed off, well, just put it through another seasoning cycle.

Any more good advice for Kat?

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