Good Question: How Can I Make Snickerdoodle Balls?

2009_05_21-Snicker.jpgHere’s another baking question from reader Caroline. Can you help her?

I’ve come across a seemingly unanswerable question, and I thought I’d hit you guys up to see if you have any suggestions for me. I made snickerdoodles for my friend’s wedding two summers ago in San Francisco. They were my ideal snickerdoodle. Soft on the inside, Crunchy outside, and not flat. They stayed in fairly round little balls. However, EVERY time i’ve made them since, they flatten out. I’ve tried them big and small. Same problem, no matter what. I can’t seem to make them stay anywhere near ball form.
I live in Salt Lake City, and i’m wondering if it’s an altitude thing? do you have any ideas for me? I’m dying for the perfect, round snickerdoodle again!

Any good recipes or ideas for Caroline? We do not have a good snickerdoodle recipe right now, so we’re going to throw this out to everyone else!

(Image: Flickr member wentongg licensed for use under Creative Commons)


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