Good Question: How Can I Make Healthier Instant Ramen?

updated May 3, 2019
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Joy loves her ramen noodles, but she’s looking for a way to make this cheap and yummy dish healthier. She writes:

Despite knowing how bad it is for me, I still love instant ramen. It’s cheap, delicious, and convenient for those times I don’t really want to bother with cooking. Recently I’ve been adding julienned carrots, napa cabbage, and a whole egg in attempts to make it more “nutritious”.

Is there a way I can make DIY instant ramen that would be better for me than the kind I can buy?

Instant ramen is one of the quickest things you can make, and the cheapest too; it’s practically synonymous with grad student eating. It’s hard to beat that delicious little package in all its MSG goodness.

But if we were trying to duplicate it with fresher ingredients, here’s what we’d do. We’d skip those noodles entirely, and opt for thin rice noodles instead. Rice noodles cook just as fast as ramen; you can pour boiling water over skinny rice sticks and have hot noodles in just a couple minutes.

Then we’d mix a little powdered chicken bouillon or some of that vegetarian Better Than Bouillon base with a teaspoon of miso, some garlic powder and chili powder. We’d mix with hot water and pour over the noodles with some green onions and vegetables.

It might take a little tweaking, but some cupboard staples and rice noodles hold a lot of possibilities. We also think that a quick bowl of udon or soba with a smear of miso or fish sauce is pretty good.

You can see some more ideas for DIY ramen mix here:

More ideas for Joy?

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