Good Question: Help! Why Do Cupcakes Always Get Stuck In These Silicone Muffin Cups?

published Apr 15, 2008
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I received some silicone muffin cups last year as a gift (the fluted stand-alone kind that look like a muffin tin liner). I’ve tried to make several batches of cupcakes in them and every time, not one of the cupcakes has slid out easily; they all break or stick to the sides.

I’ve Googled this and rarely find any reviews or blogs where people have this problem. They all swear by silicone’s non-stickiness, so I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Any thoughts? I’ve tried spraying with baking spray and not using any grease at all and it hasn’t made a difference.

Sad cupcake maker in Brooklyn,

Liz, we have a couple silicone pans with baking wells shaped like the cups above (the ones above are from SiliconeZone; $9.99 for a dozen at Amazon). We have stopped using ours much, just because they are a pain to wash out, but when we do use them we usually grease lightly.

The primary thing we can think that may be the problem is that you are not letting the cupcakes bake thoroughly. They need to bake until completely done and golden, and then they need to cool until they pull away slightly from the sides of the cups. In this respect silicone is no different from traditional metal pans; baked goods need to cool and form a slight crust before they can be removed from the pan, or else they’ll tear.

Even though we don’t think silicone is the magic baker’s bullet anymore, these individual cups are nice. Once your cupcakes have cooled for at least 15 minutes, gently depress the bottom of the cupcake liner and carefully peel the sides away, effectively turning the cupcake liner inside out. It should come away easily. If it doesn’t, even after all of this, it may be a bad batch… of silicone, not cupcakes!

That’s our advice – any other ideas for Liz?

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