Good Question: Help Me Throw a Spring Birthday Picnic in Central Park

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

So my husband’s birthday is in May and I really want to throw him a fabulous picnic in Central Park with about 20 of our friends (mostly adults but some kids too) – would love to make everything but I work full-time and have a lovely newborn so that will be kind of tough. Do you have any good tips for something sweet and fun? He’s a foodie, so we can’t really go the six foot hoagie route.

Thanks so much in advance,

Lisa, we thought of you instantly when we saw this picnic on Jordan Ferney’s lovely blog, Oh Happy Day. She helped a friend create these lunchboxes for her friend’s husband’s birthday.

They filled the boxes with bagged sandwiches, salads, water, and treats. This might be a really good option for you if you have a friend to help you design and print labels. You could make all the packaging up ahead then fill the boxes with purchased cookies, granola, trail mix, and fruit – or ask friends to donate some homemade treats that will travel well.

Then make up good foodie-friendly sandwiches, like goat cheese, arugula, and spring squash and prosciutto on focaccia.

Another idea, instead of the 6-foot hoagie, is to have a gourmet sandwich bar laid out on a picnic table, with plenty of soft cheeses, great bread, smoked ham and other yummy delicacies, as well as olives, capers, and fresh spring greens. All of this can be ordered and purchased ahead of time. Add some fruit and a cake and you’re set.

More picnic ideas for Liz?