Good Question: Help Me Find This White Crock!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

From reader K.:

Does anyone know the origin of this beehive crock featured on the Macy’s Bridal Registry homepage? I’ve searched high and low for it on the internet, but I’ve haven’t come up with anything. Now I think it might be a ceramic vase or canister that’s being used to hold utensils. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Ooh, do not even get us started on how annoyed we are right now with the wedding registry industry. (Three words: Low Gift Alert. Yes, that “notification” actually popped up, in red letters, on our very short and basic list of items on a not-to-be-named major home retailer site. Ick!!)

So now add this to registry site sins: non-attributed items in photographs. This looks so familiar to us, but we can’t find it on the Macy’s site either. We may dig it up, but until then, we’ll throw it out there – can anyone help K. out?

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