Good Question: Help Me Clean Out My Fridge!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Reader Dimara needs your help. Can you give her suggestions on good ways to use up her produce before she goes on vacation?

I’m going on a long vacation and need to clean out my fridge beforehand, so nothing goes bad while I’m away – plus, I can’t bear to waste the last veggies from my CSA! I have one potimorron, 1.5 lbs daikon, 1.5 lbs pea shoots, limes, potatoes, and apples. Any recipes or meal ideas would be more than welcome!

Dimara, first of all, depending on how long your vacation is, you can probably keep your apples until you get back. See our tips on storing apples here. Same for the potatoes: you can get some ideas on keeping them fresh here.

Some thoughts on using up the produce: we are looking lately at this recipe for braised daikon. Also, a quick sauté of pea shoots would be refreshing. For the pumpkin, what about a pie? Try our winning Classic Pie: Sugar and Spice Pumpkin Pie.

Any more good ideas for Dimara?

(Images: Flickr member Mr and Mrs Stickyfingers, licensed under Creative Commons; Faith Durand)