Good Question: How To Get Garlic Smell Off My Hands?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear Kitchen,
What is the best way to get the garlic smell off your fingers after chopping fresh garlic? I love the taste but have started to avoid it because it takes several days and a few showers to get it off of my hands for some reason.

– Cass

Don’t quit garlic cold turkey! We have a few ways you can get rid of the smell.

First, wash your garlic covered hands with soap and water. Then, rub a stainless steel item, like the faucet or a fork (it must be stainless steel), or rub salt over your hands. Then, wash again with soap and water. This should lift the smell.

We’ve written about some garlic gadgets that will limit, but not eliminate contact between garlic and your hands.

Also, all garlic is not equal. Grocery stores usually sell soft-neck garlic which has a longer shelf life, but is more difficult to peel. We suggest ending your fresh garlic fast by picking up some hard-neck garlic at a farmer’s market. Your hands won’t pick up as much smell from hard-neck garlic. It is less pungent and easier to peel.

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