Good Question: How Can I Re-Heat Without A Microwave?

Good Question: How Can I Re-Heat Without A Microwave?

Chris Phillips
May 17, 2007

Dear Kitchen,

I haven't had a microwave for about two years now and most of the time I don't miss it. But I'm wondering: what do other microwave-less cooks do to reheat meals?

I usually make a little hobo pack out of aluminum foil (completely wrap the food in aluminum foil) then stick it in the toaster oven for about 15 minutes. This is a way to avoid dirtying a pot on a the stovetop.



Thanks for your question. You're in good company here. According to our highly unscientific survey, about 15% of Kitchen readers don't have microwaves. I'm hoping some of the microwaveless among us will speak up and share suggestions with you.

We've heard that some people seal pasta and rice type meals in plastic bags and drop them into boiling water to warm them up. That seems like risky business to us. This would work better if the bag was vacuum sealed, but most people who don't have space for a microwave probably don't want to store a vacuum sealer either.

Your question reminded me of the "No Nukes" post on Hedonia. "I've even become quite adept at reheating all manner of leftovers on the stovetop. It's just not worth taking up the space," writes Sean. Like you, he uses his toaster oven instead. The debate on microwave vs. toaster oven continues over at Chowhound.

Please share more ideas on reheating without a microwave in the comments section.

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