Good Question: How Are Ikea Appliances?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear Kitchen,

I noticed that Ikea now sells wall ovens and cooktops. Does anyone know anything about the quality of these appliances?

I really don’t demand that my oven be professional quality, and I like the appearance of these appliances. I like being able actually see them before buying. The information in the catalog and online are a little spotty and the person at the store was no help at all.

Thanks for your help,



You’ve already learned two big lessons in Ikea Kitchenland: do lots of research before you buy and don’t expect Ikea employees to be able to offer much help. and Consumer Reports explain that Whirlpool makes most of the Ikea kitchen appliances.

We’re hoping some readers here will own Ikea appliances and will be able to tell Norm more. Readers?