Good Question: Guilty Pleasures in the Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear The Kitchen,

I have a great friend who is a Certified Working Chef and culinary educator. In spite of his expert skills and true gourmet inclinations, he has a weakness (after a few cocktails) for chicken hot dogs, either popped in the microwave… or not…

So, my question for your loyal foodies… what’s their guilty pleasure?!

cheers, p(too)


Well that’s a revealing question. We did a quick poll in the office, and got a top-ten list started. Readers, hop on in!

1. Chicken Hot Dogs, possibly microwaved
2. Totally Butter Maple syrup: Maple syrup to butter ratio is 1:1. Heated and whizzed up in the blender
3. Grilled Cheese – bread buttered