Good Question: Foods for the Candida Diet?

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Dear Kitchn,

Recently, I have had to change my diet, and the new regimen is something close to the Candida Diet. My body is responding well, but I am a bit hungry and miffed about what I can prepare myself. I went through a major sugar detox (which I now realize was a good thing) but now need to find a middle ground whereby I can eat normally but still be mindful of things I need to avoid.

Here are my rules:

1. No sugar.
2. Avoid dairy but will have some goat’s milk products
3. No soy.
4. No yeasty foods like bread and other fermented foods.
5. Avoid other high-carb foods like starchy vegetables.
6. Meat, non-starchy vegetables and nuts are okay.

I find lunches and dinners the most difficult, and am making the same things, which for a foodie like me, is a bit depressing. I want to enjoy my food more, but don’t have great recipes that are easy, on the quicker side, and taste delicious. I know there are thousands of people with similar situations. Do you or your readers have any suggestions?

Thank you,

Of course we have lots of recipes in our recipe archive, and here are some other quick suggestions to change up your cooking routine.

Eight Ways to Perk Up Steamed Vegetables
Cook Some Fish in Foil Packets (If cooking Halibut as this recipe suggests, try to find pacific/Alaskan wild halibut, as this is the most environmentally friendly choice, especially if you are physically located in the west.
Kale Salad with Pecorino and Lemon could have its cow’s milk cheese swapped out for something you can digest.
Here’s our whole Kale archive it’s a great winter green that can be prepared many ways.
Here’s a great way to prepare steak in the oven and it works well with all kinds of cuts. Make extra and have it sliced, cold, over salad for lunch.

Readers, leave your suggestions below.