Good Question: Food Gifts for the Holidays

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear The Kitchn, Last year I asked about pickling around the holidays and someone started a thread about it.

This year, again, I’d like to find a recipe for something (not cookies) that I can make and give out as gifts.Anyone at The Kitchn have any suggestions?

– Abby

Well, Thanksgiving is over and there’s nothing but open road between here and the holidays. We’re going to be talking about kitchen and cooking gifts quite a bit this month, and we’ll also do a running series on Christmas candy. There’s lots of great Christmas candy that can be made ahead of time and frozen or packaged to be given away. Who turns down fudge? So be looking for those posts.

Past that, though, let’s start talking about food gifts. What are some of your favorites, other than cookies and candy? There’s jams, marmalades, preserves, pickles, cookie mixes, tea and coffee, and spice mixes. I like the bean soup mix myself.

Any ideas for Abby? What has met with resounding success in the past? In a week or two we’ll do a rundown of your ideas and other food gift ideas from around the web.