Good Question: Elegant Wedding Finger Foods?

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I am planning my mother’s wedding with her and we need some ideas for the food for the reception.

We don’t want to do a buffet so we would like to have food coming out, but different trays of food. Can you give us some ideas for finger foods, but classy ones. Thanks!

– Crushed for Time

Wow! What a great gift, to help your mother with her wedding. And yes, we can help, at least a little! We explored a similar question last year and there are over 35 comments on that post, with some fantastic suggestions and helps. We suggest you check it out – Wedding Finger Foods on a Budget.

We also recently did a series on making desserts in large quantities for a wedding or a party – Desserts for a Crowd. Check that out for some tips on planning quantities and menu.

Some general thoughts: choose things that can be served or even baked in bite-size portions. Also, look for recipes that can be made well ahead and do fine at room temperature for a few hours. Mini cupcakes with a swirl of whipped cream come to mind, or pieces of fruit skewered with prosciutto. Try crispy rye crackers in small portions with a dollop of whipped cream cheese and dill, garnished with lemon zest.

We have talked before, too, about phyllo cups. These are such a great finger food tool – you can bake them far ahead of time, freeze, then fill with anything you like – sweet or savory – like chocolate mousse, or a delicate chicken salad, or minced fruit and cream.

We’d like to throw this open to our readers, too – what would you suggest for an elegant finger food reception?


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