Good Question: Exotic Meat in NYC

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear The Kitchen,

Is there a good place within the five boroughs where one can purchase exotic meats? I am specifically looking for llama steaks. I had llama in Bolivia last month, and it was quite lovely.


Dear Kathryn,

We’ve called around for you and haven’t found any llama, but for exotic meats, we recommend Ottomanelli’s Meat Market (285 Bleecker Street near 7th Avenue). Although not as exotic as llama, they do have other less-commonly found meats like rabbit and ostrich.

Of course, for every item you seek, there is always a website and does carry llama meat. is an excellent resource for finding local foods. They do not list llama meat, but they have other meats your local grocery doesn’t stock, like goat and emu.