Good Question: Are IKEA’s MOTTO Dishes Safe For Use In the Microwave?

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My office is looking into replacing our disposable plates, bowls, and cutlery with reusable items. I checked IKEA because their prices are appealing, but I’d like to know if anyone out there has used the MOTTO line of plates and bowls in the microwave. In my experience, the SYNTES line gets very hot when microwaved even though it is deemed microwave-safe.

Do the MOTTO pieces also heat up to unsafe or uncomfortable temperatures? I would rather not burn any of my co-workers or turn them off of the idea of reusable kitchen stuff – we are trying to “green” the place a bit.

– Al

Al, we don’t have personal experience with the MOTTO dishes, so this is one for the crowd. We’re sure that some of our readers have these dishes – how do they work out in the microwave, folks?

And great idea about the reusable dishes for the office, Al! We applaud you.

You can get the MOTTO dishes at IKEA for $0.59 apiece:
MOTTO Line, IKEA – in-store only.

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