Good Question: Cranberry Cajun Turkey Injection Marinade?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s a good question from reader Jason. He asks:

This year I wanted to try something different when I fry my turkey and came up with the idea of a cranberry cajun injection. Have you ever heard of this? Google only produces recipe results in pork cooking.

Is there more I can do with a Cajun injector than your average savory or spicy marinade? Like a cranberry chutney cayenne infusion perhaps?

Jason, we don’t have any experience injecting turkeys with marinade, so we have little advice to give. We’ll throw this out to the readers!

One note, though. We would suggest searching for any kind of recipes that use both cranberries and Cajun seasoning and take inspiration from their flavors and proportions. Look at these spicy turkey samosas with cranberry chutney, for instance; maybe you can borrow some of the spices for your own marinade.

Readers, do you inject your turkey with a marinade, and if so, have you ever used a fruit or something sweet to liven it up?

(Image: Flickr member Dazed81 licensed for use under Creative Commons)