Good Question: Casual Dinner Party for Twenty?

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Dear Kitchn,
I am having a casual get together on Friday. Just me, my family, and some other friends who are staying in town for the holidays…. and I ambitiously offered to cook dinner for everyone!

Our friends will bring cookies and dessert, but I need an easy dinner main dish for 15-20, including a few children. This isn’t a big holiday party, so I’m not looking for something too fancy. We all will be coming from work so it needs to be low-maintenance, but still tasty, of course! I don’t cook for this many very often so any ideas would be much appreciated!

Thank you…
– Anne

Anne, when it comes to cooking for a crowd we have a few staples. Here are the best dinners for a crowd that we know. We are always looking for more, though, since we do have dinner parties frequently. Hopefully our readers will come up with more!

• Pasta and meat sauce. The old reliable standby. Try our Lamb Ragu. You can also make a quick sauce of broccoli and zucchini with garlic for the vegetarians.

• Crockpot roast. Sear a big pork or beef roast on all sides and pop it in the slow cooker with some garlic, wine, herbs and broth. Heck – if you’re short on time you don’t even have to sear it. Cook on low for 10-12 hours then pull it apart. See another recipe here: Slow-Cooked Pork Roast, Two Ways.

• Curry and rice. If your guest list is made up of people who prefer spicy food, try a slow-cooked curry. You can also leave this in the slow cooker all day. Then just serve with rice for a hearty dinner. Try our Malaysian Beef Curry and Green Coconut and Pork Curry.

Now we’ll throw this one open to the readers. What’s your go-to dish when you have to serve a crowd?

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