Good Question: Comfort Food Dinner Party Menu

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear Kitchen folks,

I am having a dinner party and would like the menu to be made up of more interesting (deconstructed or gourmet) versions of traditional ‘comfort’ foods. I have already found yummy recipe for Macaroni & Cheese (from Matthew Kenney’s restaurant, Canteen). Any ideas? Thanks!

– Karin

Karin, Sounds like a fun dinner party! Call me crazy, but when you say ‘comfort food’ what first comes to mind is chicken noodle soup, bacon and eggs, and, puddings and hot chocolate. What if you did some updated versions? Chicken noodle soup could become a broth with wilted greens and meatballs (Escarole Soup with Turkey Meatballs is an all-time favorite); to keep things light, the bacon and eggs theme could translate into a salad (try our recipe for Pepper and Pancetta Salad with Eggs); and for dessert, try making some pots d’creme made with Mexican chocolate (Ibarra disks are the best).

Anyone else have a suggestion?