Good Question: Cooking for a New Mom

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear The Kitchen,

I am spending the weekend with a new mother and want to cook a few leftover-worthy meals, any thoughts?


Dear Jenny,

How nice of you! We’ve been in this sort of situation many times before – seems everyone’s having babies! Assuming your friend doesn’t have any post-natal dietary restrictions (best to ask, there are a number of them), some classics of course are lasagna, soups and casseroles, and un-dressed salads.

You could also help out by stocking her pantry with healthy ingredients like nuts and seeds; dried fruit, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, canned beans and nut butters. Put some organic frozen vegetables and fruit in her freezer, and for the fridge, get some whole-wheat wraps and cheeses.

Any other experienced moms out there have two cents to contribute?