Good Question: Best Uses for Fresh Celery

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear Kitchn, I bought celery at the Greenmarket on Saturday. It is a darker green and has a richer flavor than standard grocery store celery. It is also a bit tougher and the stalks are thinner. It has this pronounced celery flavor, much stronger than standard celery.

Can you suggest some uses for this celery? The leaves are also beautiful. I tried using them like a parsley, but the are a bit too tough for that. I’d love any advice.


Rich, your fresh celery sounds lovely. Celery usually gets short shrift as a vegetable; we load it up with peanut butter, or dice it fine in a mirepoix as a flavoring for soups and stocks. We don’t often let celery stand on its own.

We think that braising might be the way to go with your celery. It would showcase the strength of its flavor while mellowing it out a bit too.

You could also try roasting it with some added vegetables: fennel, onion, peppers.

What would you suggest Rich does with his celery? Any good recipe recommendations?

(Image: Flickr member Esteban Cavrico licensed for use under Creative Commons)