Good Question: Best Meals to Cook On Camping Trips?

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The weather is making it much easier to go outdoors, and Jackie is taking advantage of this with a camping trip this weekend. What should she eat, out there in the wilderness?

Going camping this weekend and putting together my grocery list for the trip. I’m looking for suggestions on affordable, easy, non-messy meals (breakfast and dinner) that I should definitely have on this trip? Keep in mind I will have very minimal cooking resources available.

Wow, have a great time, Jackie! Balmy springtime is a great time to camp, as long as it’s dry. We have done quite a few posts on camping, hiking, and eating, but here are a few more thoughts. Aside from cowboy coffee, breakfast doesn’t need to be cooked. Try making up a few containers of a selection of these snacks, granola bars, and muffins. Or if you want a hot breakfast, take a small cooler with plastic bags of eggs already scrambled. (Or just the eggs themselves; if eggs are fresh they don’t need to be refrigerated.)

For dinner you can’t beat the old foil packet staple! Try tofu or chicken, along with sliced vegetables, all wrapped up in foil packets. You can even prep these before you leave for the trip, and put them in a small cooler too. Other good ideas that will last well with minimal cooling and don’t even need to be refrigerated are grain salads and hot legume dishes like chana masala.

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