Good Question: Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream Recipes?

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We’ve had more than one reader asking us to hold the cream this month. Even though it’s Ice Cream Month, some readers can’t have dairy in their diet and they’re curious: what are the best dairy-free ice cream recipes? Here’s one question from reader Jasie. She says: An ice cream question – does anyone have any good recipes for dairy-free ice cream?

I’m a new mom and my daughter has an allergy to cow’s protein – which means no milk, butter, cheese, yogurt or, gasp, ice cream for me! I would love to know if anyone has recipes for a frozen treat (I guess “ice cream” might be a stretch) that doesn’t use any cow products, though eggs are ok.

Some tips, another question, and recipe links after the jump. We really want feedback from the crowd on this one!

Reader applebranch asks a similar question, but specifically about our recent recipe for custard ice cream base. She asks: What I wanted to know was whether the custard ice cream base would work with soy milk, too…?

Well, you both are in luck, because the very first entry in our Best Lick! 2008 Ice Cream recipe contest is a vegan recipe made with coconut milk. Check it out:

Take a look at the ice cream base there to see how you could tweak it for other non-dairy ice creams. We know from experience that coconut milk is very good in ice cream.

As far as using soy milk in a regular custard base, though – we are not sure. Has anyone here ever tried this?

And finally, if you need something sweet with absolutely no dairy, there are always sorbets, granitas, and juice popsicles. Here are some of our favorite recipes from the site:

OK, more ideas from the readers? What are the best non-dairy ice cream recipes you’ve had? Links and recipes welcome!