Good Question: A Reader’s Love of Cottage Cheese

Anne, a loyal reader, recently wrote to us declaring her love for cottage cheese. Her blog,
Weight Watchers, Eh? is a chronicle of her adventures with the Weight Watchers plan. She’s been reading and writing in to
The Kitchen for some time now, so the least we could do was post her question to the masses:

“I usually eat cottage cheese with pineapple, but would love to hear how other people eat it. I recently heard of someone eating it with pepper and chives and this seems like an interesting combo. How do other people eat their cottage cheese?”


All I know is that my dad used to eat it with salsa and that would really turn my stomach. A good friend, Lou, eats it with a drizzle of olive oil and pepper, and I can tell you that with a few salty crackers, that’s a great little snack.

Sara Kate