Good Question: Chocolate Pie for Pie Day?

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National Pie Day is coming up on the 23rd. I celebrate each year with a pie party, not that I really need an excuse. This year, my brother would like to help out by supplying a pie.  I would like to encourage him, and his usual medium is chocolate (cookies, brownies and cakes – much to the delight of myself and of his co-workers). 

Are there any good chocolate-based pies that he might make for the party?  Can readers suggest any good pie recipes that involve chocolate?  While I enjoy introducing unusual recipes to my guests – last year’s buttermilk pie was a surprise hit, as was the red grapefruit/lime tart – I don’t shy away from the standards, especially if I have a reliable recipe to work with.

I offer my crusty, flaky thanks in advance for any ideas. – Christopher

First of all, thank you for bringing National Pie Day to our attention! What a wonderful holiday, and I’m sorry this is a rather belated posting. Hopefully it’s not too late to try out some of these recipes – and there’s always next year!

A good place to start would be chess pie. This is a simple pie often associated with Southern regional cuisine, and it usually has a simple filling made with eggs, butter, and sugar – like a pecan pie without the pecans. This filling can include chocolate, too. From Emeril and the Food Network, this Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate Chess Pie looks suitably decadent: a chocolate pie with spiced cream. Here’s another: Pecan Chocolate Chess Pie, which looks, if possible, even more dangerous.

Another traditional chocolate pie (it happens to be my grandmother’s favorite) is the classic French Silk, found in diners and greasy spoons the world over. Made from scratch, its whipped, creamy filling can be light and refreshing. Here’s a basic French Silk Pie recipe.

Me, I’d probably gravitate toward the Chocolate Meringue Pie. This recipe uses a cooked sugar syrup meringue, which can be more reliable and easy to work with.

Do let us know how your pie party goes, and what you make! Anyone else?

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