Good Question: A Meal That Travels

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dear Kitchen,

I need to plan a meal for a trip to the Bahamas. I’ll be staying on a boat, so ideally I will be flying with all the ingredients, and fresh seafood or meat are probably out of the question.

I need something that can pass customs, survive a 6 to 8 hour travel day, and impress a crowd of six people.

Any thoughts?

– Jen

Dear Jen,

Not even has these search parameters in their advanced search! I’m thinking you’ll want to make a pasta salad (a bit al dente to keep it fresh tasting), and bring with you a nice hard cheese and a cured meat like salami or fish like sardines (not sure what the Bahamian customs agents will think of that, but one can always try!) You could use a pack of frozen corn or peas to keep things cool, and then if it isn’t confiscated, throw that in. Don’t feel pressure to create a perfectly garden-fresh Alice Waters type meal. This is not the time. Try to get a balance of flavors (salty from the meat, softer from the frozen vegetable), and keep it simple. If this is the sort of trip where you might be encountering fishermen, perhaps there’s a chance to pick up something fresh from the sea?

Let us know how it goes!