Good Question: What Can I Do With Whey from Yogurt?

published May 11, 2009
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Here’s a great question from Hannah. Can you help her?

I made yogurt for the first time ever as a result of your linking to the article about whether it’s cheaper to make or buy certain foods. The yogurt is unbelievable, and will be a regular project! However, I have a pint of whey that I’m not sure what to do with. I know I can bake with it, but between myself and my husband there’s only so many muffins/biscuits etc we can eat.

She also says:

Also, I’ve found conflicting sources about how long the whey will keep in the fridge, and whether it still has live bacteria in it. What’s the real story?

Hannah, that is great you’ve been making your own yogurt. This is a fascinating question, and not one that we have any experience with! There are a lot of things, though, that you can do with leftover whey. You can use it in pretty much any recipe that calls for a mild liquid or for milk. Here are a few interesting links we found. The most intriguing possibility, honestly, is making more cheese – ricotta or cream cheese!

Making ricotta with whey – This article seems unclear, though, on whether leftover whey from yogurt would qualify for making ricotta.
Leftover Whey at Dollar Stretcher, including a tip on using it to make cream cheese
What to do with leftover whey? at Chowhound

OK readers with more experience of whey — any good tips? Also, any ideas on how long the whey keeps?

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