Good Question: What Can I Do With Venison Meat?

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Here’s another “what-do-I-do-with-this question” — this one is from reader Liz.

My father in law and brother in law hunt all winter and recently “gifted” my husband and I with several pounds of venison As a former vegetarian who still eats mostly meat-free, and has NEVER encountered venison, I am not sure what to DO with all this deer meat.
It’s currently sitting in my freezer and I want to do SOMETHING with it soon. My husband has never cooked and says “just make a stew”, but certainly there are other things you can do with 20 pounds of deer meat besides throwing it in a crock pot. Anyone out there have any fun or interesting ideas?

Liz, this reminds me of the time a roommate’s brother sent us ten pounds of elk meat from Montana. We promptly had a huge pot of elk chili!

I’m mostly going to toss this out to the readers, as I have never cooked venison, but I think that your instinct is correct. Check and see where the cuts of meat are from on the animal. Overall, venison is going to be leaner and tougher than beef or pork, so it’s safest to slow cook it like in a stew or a pot roast. But if you have some good lean steaks, then something like that bacon-wrapped grilled venison pictured above might be a good use!

Here are a few links and recipes that might be helpful:

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Readers? What do you do with venison?

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