Good Question: Help Me Downsize My Kitchen Equipment!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s another question on kitchen essentials from Megan:

I’m preparing to move no less than 3,000 miles from where I am now. I’ve gotten comfortable with a fairly large kitchen for a rental space, complete with cabinets, a hanging pot rack, and a walk-in attic. I have to downsize my kitchen equipment MAJORLY. What items would readers suggest can replace several others? I don’t know what I would do without my food processor, but it has like 30 attachments and takes up a large chunk of shelving!

We don’t know exactly what gadgets, kitchen equipment, and appliances Megan has (the photo above is not of her kitchen) so it’s hard to give specific advice. A lot depends on how you cook, Megan. If you have time before you move, perhaps you can put all your main equipment and pots and pans on the dining room table. As you use each of them, move them to a “keep this” cupboard. If after a couple of weeks you haven’t used some of the equipment, then put it in storage or sell it.

Also, here are some good posts on kitchen basics:

And finally, we are starting the Kitchen Cure very soon! If you have time before you move, then this clean-out-the-closet-and-the-pantry exercise in spring cleaning, reorganization, and cooking skills would be a good way to work on your downsizing. Good luck with your move, Megan!

Readers – what advice do you have? Have you ever downsized like this?

(Image: Flickr member thebristolkid licensed for use under Creative Commons)