Good Question: Can I Go Vegetarian Without Nuts or Soy?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s a good question from Anne, who is trying to eat more vegetarian food, but needs to avoid nuts and soy.

I have been trying to lean more vegetarian in my diet, but was recently told by an allergist that it would be in my best interests (breathing-wise) to avoid nuts and soy. I am starting to feel like I should just throw in the towel and go eat steak every night. Can you recommend any good cookbooks or resources for an aspiring vegetarian who can’t just replace meats with tree nuts and legumes? Thanks!

Anne, do you need to avoid all legumes, or just soy? If you can still eat regular beans, then there is still a world of vegetarian possibilities! Take, for instance, the recipe pictured above:

Enchiladas in an Instant from Vegetarian Times

You just mix up some black beans, corn, and chopped vegetables and roll up in a tortilla. Easy! We love all sorts of beans, too, for their different flavors and textures. Simple rice and beans is still an easy menu, and inexpensive too. Rice on its own with braised or sauteéd vegetables is also an excellent meal. In fact, you may want to check out some resources or cookbooks on Southern Indian cooking; there aren’t any soy or peanut ingredients used in it, and most of it is vegetarian and even vegan. Lots of healthy tomato-based soups and vegetable curries, cheese-based dishes, and wonderful rice.

Readers, what advice would you give Anne on eating vegetarian while still avoiding nuts and soy?

(Image: Vegetarian Times)