Good Question: How To Roast Garlic Without an Oven

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s an interesting question from reader Hannah, who is craving roasted garlic!

Help me! I am studying abroad (in Australia) and just moved in to a dorm. The one thing I am craving, because it’s such a staple for me back home, is roasted garlic. I finish soups with it, spread it on sandwiches, add it to vinaigrettes and pastas. My only problem is that we have no oven in our tiny kitchen, just two burners and a microwave.

Does anyone out there know a way to roast garlic without an oven or toaster oven? There must be some scientific minds out there that know of a stove-top or microwave method. Please help! I know once I have roasted garlic, my homesickness will dissipate. Thank you.

Hannah… yes! You can roast garlic on the stovetop, and it also gives us a chance to mention one of our favorite tools yet again. A cast iron pot. In fact, that marmitout we mentioned yesterday would be the perfect cookware for making roast garlic on the stove.

We found good instructions for doing this here:

You put the garlic in a cast iron pot with a well-fitting lid and “bake” it over low heat on the stove for about an hour. This is actually a good energy-saving tip for those of us who love roasted garlic but don’t want to heat up our ovens to bake it.

Has anyone tried this method?

(By the way, that crazy huge clove of garlic pictured above is from this post: Trader Joe’s Pantry: One-Clove Garlic)

(Image: Faith Durand)