Good Question: What Should I Eat Pre-Marathon?

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My friends and I are running a marathon this weekend, and I’ve decided to cook a pre-marathon dinner the night before. Any tips on a perfect meal?

– Janice

We are a little late answering your question, Janice, but the New York Marathon is coming up November 3 and perhaps some of you are running that?

The classic pre-marathon meal involves lots and lots of carbs. In fact, this is the one time you can change up all the usual rules for eating well while training – healthy proteins and whole grains will be counter-productive the night before a race. You want digestible simple starches and carbohydrates that can be easily converted into glycogen stores to power you through the race. Avoid high fiber foods that will take longer to move through your digestive system and to get stored as energy.

About 2-3 hours before the race have another carbohydrate burst, like juice and a cereal bar.

Here are some suggestions for yummy, easily digestible pasta and carbs from our recipe archives:

Any marathon runners out there who want to offer up pre-race menus?

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