How To Make Kitchen Storage with Wine Crates Daniel’s February Jumpstart Project 2009

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Project: Coffee Cup Cabinet with Recycled Wine Crates
Name: Daniel
Time: 8 hours
Cost: $10

Here’s a great project from Daniel, who couldn’t find a storage unit he liked in the shops. So he built it himself! This took some time and effort, but remarkably little money. Read on to see detailed instructions on how Daniel did this, and don’t forget to give him a thumb’s up if you think this project is helpful.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)


Pine wine crates (various sizes)
Hammer and nails
Screwdriver and screws
Sand paper
L braces
L brackets
Saw and miter box
1 strip of 1/4″ x 3/4″ pine molding
Linseed oil

First, I found some interesting wine boxes and crates, particularly ones made of real wood and those with writing of some sort stamped on them in cool type. I started with my main wine crate, which was tall and deep, a good shape for this project.

Since this project was essentially made with found materials, I figured it out as I went along, and started with the lower portion for housing the plates. It is very important to measure the cups and saucers first so they fit, and go from there.

I took off the end of the crate with the stamp on it and put it back as a shelf by nailing it from both sides. Then I cut little strips of the molding as separators for the plates. Tack them in evenly from on top and below with small nails or brads.

Perhaps the trickiest bit was the tic tack tow shape in the middle. I got 2 lengths of pine boards for the shelves and cut the short upright braces which I nailed together with brads. For extra support, I used L brackets from behind, see pic.

Next, I strengthened it from behind with some L braces in all 4 corners.

Finally, I topped it off with a mini head board with some cool type on it and gave the whole piece 2 coats of Linseed oil. I found the Linseed oil gave the wood a nice warm stain and provided a somewhat uniform color for the different wood types.

Tacked it on the wall with some L brackets. I couldn’t find anything like this in the shops, so I made it myself! Fun project and we love it for storing our Fiestaware cups and saucers. Perfect addition to a small kitchen. Have fun!

Ask at your local beverage depot, liquor store, cigar shop or wine shop for any cool boxes laying around if you need some materials. As an added bonus to recycling, you’ll find some of these boxes have very like dimensions and are quite compatible with each other. Perhaps you know someone who works at a restaurant, that’s where I got mine.

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)