Good Question: How Many Cookies Per Person?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here is a very important question from reader Allison, who asks:

I have to take cookies to a potluck party for 9 people.  I plan to take a mix of several kinds, but how many cookies should I “budget” for each person?

Well, Allison, that all depends on what kind of cookies you plan to make, and also on the appetite of the people you are baking them for! Are they inveterate cookie monsters? Or are they the weight-watching, diet soda-sipping types? Do plates of sweets disappear instantly in your office, or are they left until Friday afternoon for the janitor to throw out?

And then, what are you planning on baking? Tiny shortbreads? Hefty cookie sandwiches? It’s very hard to estimate, given the lack of data!

We will hazard a guess, though, and say that you should plan on three or four good-sized cookies per person. Even if you end up with too many that is better than running out! And people can always take some home.

Readers — how do you budget cookies and sweets for your holiday parties?

(Image: Flickr member ChrissyJ licensed for use under Creative Commons)