Good Question: How to Clean Rusty Dansk Cookware

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I have a full set of the Dansk (DANSK IHC KOBENWARE on bottoms) Kobenstyle cookware in navy blue and white that has served me well, but the bottoms of all of the pots and pans have rusted and leave rust rings in my sink if I don’t clean them immediately. How do I safely remove the rust and somehow seal the bottoms so that they do not continue to rust in the future?

We love Dansk Kobenstyle pots and pans; you can’t beat that classic look and punchy color. You can see our guide to Kobenstyle cookware here.

Dansk Kobenstyle is lighter than cast iron; it’s made of sheet steel and covered with enamel. As far as cleaning goes, check out this post: Good Question: How Do I Clean My Vintage Kettle?

But the rust problem makes it sound like the enamel has worn through on the bottoms and the metal is peeking through. Short of re-enameling, which we do not know much about, we think that there is not a lot of help for this. Try cleaning and drying immediately after use to prevent rust.

Readers – what do you think? Have you ever been able to re-seal a rusty pan?