Good Question: What Can I Do With Stale Tortilla Chips?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s a good question for those of you still cleaning out your cupboards for the Kitchn Spring Cure.

I have half a bag of stale tortilla chips sitting on my counter… What would happen if i made “bread” crumbs out of it? Terrible idea? Worth trying?

I hate to throw it out and be so wasteful, but it seems like every time I buy them I binge on them one night with all the nacho fixins and then totally forget I have them.

What do you guys think? Are tortilla chips recyclable?

Well, if by stale you mean that they are still crunchy, we say yes! Crush them up and mix with beans and rice for a crunchy twist on a basic weeknight dinner. Or try one of these recipes and ideas we found around the web:

If they’re getting a little chewy but you still want to use them up, we suggest toasting them up in the oven first. Then try one of the recipes above or sprinkle over soup like corn chowder or tomato soup for a crunchy topping. May as well try, anyway – better than throwing them out.

Any other ideas?

(All images: Manna Harvest)