Help! My Gas Oven Bakes Unevenly — What Should I Do?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I am renting an apartment that has a gas oven, and it seems to me that all the heat comes from the bottom. Whenever I bake cookies, cupcakes, etc. they burn on the bottom and are barely baked through on the top.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to get an more even distribution on heat?

Sent by Betsy

Editor: Betsy, as someone who just experienced an oven breakdown, let me advise you to check your oven heating elements. It’s possible that something is actually broken in the oven. Get an oven thermometer and check the temperature. If it’s seriously off, call your landlord and make him deal with the problem.

Readers, any other solutions for a really wonky gas oven?

(Image: Miele)