Good Question: What Can I Do With Smoked Garlic?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

At Fairway in Brooklyn this morning I came upon something new to me: smoked garlic from France. It has an unusual smell — not like other smoked foods, more just like fire. It only came in whole braids (!) but I was intrigued so I went for it. Any thoughts as to what to do with it? Thanks…

— abby

Abby, smoked garlic can be used in most of the ways that you use roasted garlic. It has that intensely smoky flavor and smell, as you noted, which is delicious worked throughout soups and breads.

Here are some ideas for general recipes where you could substitute smoked garlic for regular or roasted garlic. You can grind the garlic into a fine powder, or cook the chopped cloves with the other ingredients.

Here’s a one guy’s process of making smoked garlic himself – it doesn’t look that hard!
Chile Fire: Smoking Garlic

Here are some other links with recipes and tips for smoked garlic:
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Does anyone else have tips on using smoked garlic?

(Image: Chrissy Lush for Time Out New York)