Good Question: Resources for Going Vegetarian?

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Here’s a good question from reader Merrill. Merrill is thinking about taking the plunge and going vegetarian! Can you help?

I’ve been enjoying all the posts generated from the beef recall (and accompanying disturbing video) – I think this finally may have pushed me over the edge to seriously exploring a more vegetarian lifestyle. Not vegan, and nothing extreme – but meat free. A post on vegetarian resources would be both timely and wonderfully useful at the moment!

Thanks for the fabulous site – I check it several times a day. Keep it coming!

Well, thank you for the kind words Merrill. We do appreciate it!

None of us here are vegetarian or vegan, but we veer close. We are standing proponents of beans for protein and eating light. Sara Kate challenged us all in her email last week to a third less this month and see how it goes. We often try to use meat for flavoring rather than as the central point of our meals.

When we polled the crowd, though, it looked like a bunch of you are vegetarian. So throw out your own resources and tips on going vegetarian?

Here are a few tips and some recipes from the site:

Veggie Sites for the Observant – Good sites whether you are going veggie forever or just for Lent.
Mark Bittman on Minimizing Meat
Going Vegan for Lent?