Good Product: Wooden Toaster Tongs

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At first glance, the idea of tongs dedicated to toaster use seems about as vital as having a separate set of spoons for caviar. But if, like me, (a) you have a partner who loves crumpets, and (b) said partner has a habit of fishing in the toaster for said crumpets with a fork, and (c) you really like your partner, this little wooden gadget starts to sound a lot more valuable.

When I picked up these tongs, they were intended to be a funny Valentine’s Day gift for my significantly significant other, who is well aware of my horror each and every time he pulls his tempt-the-fates crumpet-fishing maneuver. Then I realized there were several more days till Valentine’s Day, and not wanting to tempt the fates myself, I gave him his gift early.

We’ve kept the tongs right next to the toaster ever since, and they’ve actually proven quite handy. Whoever designed this gadget actually gave some thought as to how a proper toast-grabbing implement should perform. The tongs are small and lightweight, with just the right amount of give, and the wide, flat blades let you get a solid hold on your toast or whathaveyou without denting or tearing it.

All in all, what started off as something of a novelty gift has morphed into a great little daily-use gadget. And I no longer have to suffer a series of small heart attacks every morning.

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