Good Product: Topanga Quality Honey

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Although there’s something awfully satisfying about squeezing honey from a small plastic bear, sometimes you want something a little bit better than, say, Suebee. That’s why I was was excited to discover a brand of honey that is locally produced and distributed.

Topanga Quality Honey is available in a variety of unique and somewhat unexpected varietals such as Eucalyptus, Buckwheat, Avocado (which tastes like a rich sorghum) and Sage (mild in flavor, it recently took first place prize in a competition in Dublin, Ireland). They also offer more common flavors such as Orange and Clover. Their Premium honey comes from a natural blend of wildflowers and is extracted only once a year. A luxurious dark amber in color, all of their honey is unfiltered and hand bottled.

Produced and packaged by Bennet’s Honey Farm, you can find Topanga Honey at supermarkets such as Whole Foods and Wild Oats, as well as various healthfood stores. Located in Fillmore, California, Bennett’s Farms also has a showroom where, in addition to honey, they sell honey candy, beeswax candles, books and more.